Algoma Tour Train and Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Announce Exciting Collaboration This Summer

In a delightful twist of fate, the Algoma Tour Train and the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, nestled in the heart of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario are teaming up to offer a unique and educational experience that explores the heart of Canada’s stunning landscapes and aviation history. On August 6th and 22nd, adventure seekers and history buffs alike will have the opportunity to embark on a journey through some of the oldest geology on Earth, the Canadian Shield, aboard the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, complemented by immersive 90-minute programming from the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and Entomica Insectarium. It’s a collaboration destined to weave together the threads of Canada’s breathtaking landscapes and its rich aviation legacy, promising an experience as diverse and captivating as the very land it celebrates.

“The Agawa Canyon is incredibly lush and beautiful in August, yet we don’t see the passenger rates that we experience during the fall colour run. This partnership is a great opportunity to provide our guests with a new experience during a period when we want to build ridership.” – Lindsay Ambeault

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train traverses the landscape that inspired the establishment of the Ontario Provincial Air Service 100 years ago. There is no better environment in which to experience the bushplane and forest fire management story, while exploring the underlying factors that contribute to forest management challenges and practices for sustainability with Entomica Insectarium. This experience will be so ‘edu-taining’!” – Jamie Hilsinger

Package Highlights:

  • 10-hour train tour: Board the Agawa Canyon Tour Train for a breathtaking journey through the rugged landscapes of the Canadian Shield, experiencing the beauty and isolation that have inspired generations.
  • Immersive programming: Dive into 90 minutes of engaging and educational programming from Entomica Insectarium, followed by another 90 minutes with the knowledgeable guides of the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. Explore the fascinating world of insects, the history of bushplanes in Canada, forest fire management strategies, and the unique geology and ecology of Northern Ontario.
  • Exclusive offers: Ticket holders will receive a 25% off voucher for admission to both the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and Entomica Insectarium, along with a 10% discount at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre’s gift shop, perfect for taking home a piece of this unforgettable experience.

This collaboration offers a rare glimpse into the region’s challenging accessibility and highlights the ingenuity and bravery of bush pilots who have been instrumental in wildlife preservation, forest fire management, and mapping this expansive territory.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the beauty, history, and innovation of Northern Ontario. Seats are limited for this exclusive summer offering on August 6th and 22nd. For booking and more information, visit our website or

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