Mamakwa sets NDP legislative priorities in North prior to session: affordability, highway safety, stopping job cuts

Official Opposition Ontario NDP are heading into the upcoming legislative session focused on practical solutions for issues facing Northern communities:

“Communities in Northern Ontario have always faced unique challenges, and things have only gotten worse under this government,” said Sol Mamakwa, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition NDP. “Increased cost of living, food insecurity, and unaffordable housing significantly add to the everyday challenges. Putting food on the table or accessing safe drinking water should never be a concern in a province as rich as Ontario.

“That’s why we are going into this session with a clear plan to make life better for people. We are presenting solutions to lower the cost of living and to make housing more affordable, ensuring Northern Ontarians have their voice heard in the halls of power.

“Life has been getting harder for Northern Ontarians while this government looks the other way. This government is sitting on a 5.7-billion-dollar contingency fund while people across the north have to access healthcare that is underfunded, while our patient care and access to services suffer.

“Whether it’s supporting the hundreds of Terrace Bay mill workers left without employment and no indication of when the mill will reopen or bringing more healthcare professionals to the North, we will fight for good jobs that boost the economy and public health care.”

Ontario NDP’s strong Northern Ontario team, including Lise Vaugeois (Thunder Bay—Superior North), France Gélinas (Nickel Belt), Jamie West (Sudbury), John Vanthof (Timiskaming – Cochrane), Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk—James Bay), and Mamakwa, will focus on ensuring the government listens to the concerns of the region, so we can finally start delivering solutions for communities in the North.

Ontario NDP