St. Monica’s Church – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

MEDITATION by Father Duolomane (Joe)

Today’s Gospel recounts the encounter between Jesus and a leper. In this encounter, Jesus shows himself to be the bearer of new life. The Law of Moses excluded and condemned lepers, forbidding them to approach, speak to or touch them. Jesus, God made man, shows himself to be free from the old law. That’s why he approaches, speaks to, touches and heals the leper; he makes his flesh as fresh as that of a child. By healing the leper, Jesus restores his dignity by bringing him back into society.

To the leper (and to each of us who has the leprosy of sin) who prays to Him humbly and confidently (Mk 1:40), Jesus responds with compassion. Compassion means “suffering with the other”. The Gospel shows us that God faces up to our evil. May the Lord help us to fight the evils and sufferings of the world so that peace and joy may reign in our hearts.

The 2024 Northern Ontario Catholic Leadership Conference will be held on Saturday, February 24 at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall in North Bay, Ontario. All young people aged 13-19 are invited to register online at This event is presented by the Office of Youth & Young Adults of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.  Please contact Rectory for additional information at 705-856-2032.

Please bring old palms to church to be used to make ashes for lent season.

The Church is starting to plan Schedules of Masses and Programs for the Easter Season.  Easter Sunday is March 31st this year.

St. Augustine and Ecole Saint Joseph Schools are working with students and families for First Communion, Confirmation, and Confirmation.  Plans are underway to have a student choir at the Easter Mass.

St. Monica's RC Church

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