Premier Ford’s Statement on Installation of Lieutenant Governor Edith Dumont

Today Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, released the following statement regarding the incoming 30th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario:

“On behalf of the people of Ontario, it is an honour to congratulate Edith Dumont on being installed as the 30th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and the first ever Francophone Lieutenant Governor in our province’s history.

As the representative of The King in Ontario, the Lieutenant Governor plays a key role in our system of government, upholding our constitutional framework and promoting our collective history, culture and achievements in Ontario, Canada and the world.

Her Honour brings with her an impressive record of community service and advocacy for Francophone communities here in Ontario and across Canada. She is also a respected educator and was the first woman to lead the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario, where she worked for 30 years. Recently, she has served as vice-president of partnerships, communities and international relations at the Université de l’Ontario français in Toronto.

On behalf of the people of Ontario, I want to thank Edith Dumont for accepting this important responsibility. I look forward to working with her to build a brighter future for all Ontarians. Félicitations!”

Doug Ford