NDP MP Charlie Angus lays out his party’s priorities for the budget

On Monday, NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins – James Bay) says he expects to see help for families in Northern Ontario struggling to access quality health-care services, manage the high cost of living and have good, sustainable jobs in the upcoming budget.

“Families all over Northern Ontario need some assurances that the government is going to help them meet the challenges they’re facing with real solutions,” said Angus. “As the new Parliamentary session starts, I’m headed back to Ottawa to make sure the Liberal government follows through on the commitments we forced them to make like delivering a national dental care plan that covers seniors, kids under 18 and people living with disabilities by the end of this year. You better believe I’ll be holding their feet to the fire to make sure families can count on that help.”

Angus says concerns are growing about wait times in emergency rooms and the lack of family doctors. But instead of helping, Justin Trudeau is applauding Doug Ford’s plan to privatize the health-care services people in Ontario rely on amidst a province-wide staffing shortage—despite doctors and nurses warning that this will only make things worse.

“New Democrats are not going to stand by while Liberals and Conservatives come up with plans to poach health-care workers from the public system and send them to the private system while pretending that wait times are going to improve,” said Angus. “Instead of allowing American-style, for profit health care in our country, the government needs to invest in recruiting, training and retaining workers in our Northern Ontario hospitals and clinics and that’s exactly what we’ll be pushing for.”

For months, the price of food has stressed family budgets to the brink and now economists are also warning that a recession is on the horizon. Angus has been a vocal advocate for tackling the corporate greed driving up prices and in investing in a clean tech future that will benefit northern Ontario workers with good jobs.

“People are doing everything right, but still falling further behind,” said Angus. “People’s wages aren’t keeping up with growing expenses, but they see big corporations’ profits going up twice as fast as inflation. And Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre won’t say a word about how much multi-billion-dollar corporations are raking in. It’s not right. We’re going to keep pushing for an excess profit tax on huge corporations and wealthy CEOs to make sure you don’t get gouged at the supermarket.”

“Now more than ever, the government needs to make sure workers in Northern Ontario can rest easy knowing that their jobs are secure. I’m going back to Ottawa to fight for investment in sustainable industries, more protection for workers through EI reforms and anti-scab legislation,” added Angus. “We know that workers are the backbone of this country and New Democrats are going to make sure they get the respect that they deserve.”

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