Rainfall in Area Causes Problems


October 30th, 2022

November 11, 2022

Lower Silver Falls in Michipicoten River Village (Mission)


from Superior East OPP

During the 11 days of November – Wawaweather.net recorded 153 mm of rain. In the area the rain has saturated the ground, and all rivers are running high. Highway 101 (just east of the Missinabie turnoff) had enough water over the highway to close it. The water flow was washing the shoulder and taking pavement to the white line with it.

The ditches along Highway 101 along the highway in the Wawa OSB mill are full with runoff and nearing the shoulders.






Once again the Marina faced rising waters at the junction of Magpie and Michipicoten Rivers. The photos show water coming near to the doors of Buck’s Marina. The water on the Michipicoten River side rose over the boat launch and into the parking lot.


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  1. If only it had been snow! Darn climate warming!

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