NDP motion to end ambulance delays passes, Shaw pledges to keep fighting for hospital staffing

Sandy Shaw, NDP MPP for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas, released the following statement after her motion to end ambulance code zeros passed in Ontario legislature last week:

“I am extremely encouraged to see the issue of ambulance delays treated with the seriousness that it deserves and pleased that my motion to end code zeros passed last Thursday. This is an important first step to ending ambulance delays in Ontario and ensuring that ambulances are always available for Ontarians when emergency strikes.

Now it’s time for the government to do the work to deliver on the promise of my motion to end ambulance delays. Hospital workers and paramedics continue to tell us they are burnt out, overworked, and unable to handle the increasing demand in hospitals. Staffing shortages in hospitals force paramedics to wait with patients in hallways, instead of getting back on the road to save more lives.

Ending code zeros once and for all must include the repeal of Ford’s wage-capping Bill 124 to ensure the province can recruit, retain, and return nurses to the profession and ease the staffing shortages that cause ambulance offload delays. I will be watching closely for these critical steps and keep fighting until we end the code zero crisis in Ontario, so we can make sure that no one is ever left waiting for an ambulance again.”

Ontario NDP