MPP Michael Mantha retables bill to fix Northern Health Travel Grant

On Thusday, Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha reintroduced legislation that would strike a committee with a mandate to fix and improve the Northern Health Travel Grant (NHTG).

The Northern Health Travel Grant Advisory Committee Act would bring together health care providers in the North, as well as recipients of the NHTG to make recommendations to the Minister of Health that would improve access to health care in Northern Ontario through reimbursement of travel costs.

Mantha highlighted the need for action on this file, as gas prices continue to rise above $2/litre in many parts of Northern Ontario.

“People in the North are not getting the same access to health care because of the high cost of travel,” said Mantha. “By refusing to raise the NHTG rates the Ford government is putting a massive burden on Northern Ontarians who are already struggling with inflation and price gouging. All the while, this government continues to sit on the sidelines.”

“Northerners have waited too long for Doug Ford to do the right thing and make sure that everyone has equal access to health care. We need to fix the travel grant today.”

Ontario NDP

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