Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts Championships & Festival is fast approaching

The Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts Championships & Festival is fast approaching with less than 3 weeks left until the arrival of some of the best martial artists across Canada for the event. The 3 day event includes an Opening Gala show on Friday night with special performances by renowned Kung Fu Masters.


“We are proud to have International guests who will be partaking in the event including Master Lu XiaoLing who is a Technical Committee leader from the International Wushu Federation (IWuF).  Master Lu will spearhead the Judging Team at this event along with many other accredited Masters from Canada and the USA” says Eileen Fauster, President of WushuOntario, who is the Organizing Provincial Sports Body of the Championships.  “The main judging panel for this year’s event will also include 2001 World Champion and Beijing Wushu Team member Master Jiang BangJun, along with Master Helen Liang from Vancouver who is a legend in Water Style Tai Chi.”


The event is hosted locally by the Peng You Tai Chi Academy who brings the event to Thunder Bay after years of support to the martial arts landscape in Canada. Master Peng You who is a recognized leader in the Thunder Bay community says “We are so excited to be able to gather so many great martial arts leaders into one place and to showcase the amazing performances of the Chinese culture to the City. This is definitely going to be an eye opener for those attending to witness live action Kung Fu at its best.”


Brian Nieminen, the chair for the event organizing committee, has been working diligently with Alan Tang from WushuOntario and local volunteers for the past year in preparation. “We are definitely pushing hard to ensure that the city welcomes all our guests to this event, ” says Nieminen. “With so many moving parts it is definitely a challenge for us in hosting this event, but we have had great support from the city along with WushuOntario to make it all possible.”


The event’s managing coordinator, Alan Tang, is also a stunt coordinator for film who’s recent projects include “Marvel’s Shang Chi” and “Netflix’s Avatar the Last AirBender” live action adaptation.  He will be performing and co-hosting the opening gala show on Friday, July 29th which will also feature an interactive Lion Dance display and a special LED Dragon performance for the first time ever in Thunder Bay.


From July 29-31, you can catch the Tbaytel 2022 Canadian National Martial Arts Championships & Festival at the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse at Lakehead University. Tickets are available at www.wushucanada.com

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