Supporting Anglophone parents in their efforts to help their child learn French

This year, parents of Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon students will have the opportunity to follow a free French as a second language program. This 10-week course starting March 23 will be offered online by Collège Boréal. This program will support Anglophone parents to learn and communicate in French to better support their child’s learning. Parents of children who will begin kindergarten in a CSC Nouvelon school in September 2022 are also welcomed to join this program. Spaces are however limited.


In a friendly atmosphere, parents will practice their French-language skills by participating in conversations and scenarios of daily life. Parents will become more comfortable in their ability to speak French and will be confident to better support their child in their learning.


This French as a second language program offered by Collège Boréal exclusively to CSC Nouvelon families, is of interest to families where one of the parents is a non-Francophone and who strive to offer a high level of bilingualism to their child by registering them in a French-language Catholic school.


Parents of CSC Nouvelon students can register in Collège Boréal’s French as a Second Language program by calling 705-560-6673, ext. 2808 or by email at [email protected] .

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