Ford must act now to make Thunder Bay highways safer

The Ford government must stop ignoring tragedies and deaths on Thunder Bay’s highways and take action this winter to protect Northern drivers using highways 17 and 11, said Judith Monteith-Farrell, NDP MPP for Thunder Bay – Atikokan.

“Northern drivers, families and truck drivers are calling on Doug Ford to make our highways safer. Too many people have lost their loved ones on our roads. There has been too much pain and suffering. The Ford government must act now to protect families and drivers on Thunder Bay highways and prevent any more tragedies this winter.

The NDP put forward a bill more than three years ago that would have ensured that highways 17 and 11 are cleared of snow within eight hours of a snowfall. Ford should have acted then and I am calling on him to finally act now.

Doug Ford must stop ignoring the pain and suffering of northerners whose family members have been killed or injured in traffic accidents on highways 17 and 11. Northern drivers risk their lives everyday on these highways. The government can start right away by improving highway maintenance and ensuring better training for new truck drivers.”

Ontario NDP