Wawa Mustangs Receive Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund Grant

In February, Canadian Tire Corporation announced an additional $12 million commitment to Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund to help sport and recreation organizations build back sport and play in Canada.

Jumpstart conducted a State of Sport study via Ipsos which revealed the pandemic has not only impacted current access to sport and play but has real long-term effects as well.  The Wawa Mustangs and the communities it serves have experienced the impact of the pandemic first-hand.

We recently received confirmation that we will be provided with grant support through the last round of Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. In 2021, Jumpstart has now disbursed funding to more than 1,200 organizations across Canada through Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. We are beyond grateful to receive this news and know the positive impact it will have on sport and recreation organizations, and ultimately, on kids across the country.

With Jumpstart’s support, the Mustang organization will be able to purchase hockey equipment, training gear, insurance, jerseys, subsidize some games and tournaments, and help the Mustangs going into future years.

The Wawa Mustangs would like to extend their thanks not only to the Canadian Tire Corporation, but also our local Canadian Tire Wawa, Greg and Nikki Honour. Their support and encouragement made this possible.

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