Métis Nation of Ontario responds to 2021 Speech from the Throne

On Tuesday, Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General Mary Simon delivered her first Speech from the Throne.


“The Métis Nation of Ontario is pleased to see a strong, female Indigenous leader in this role and looks forward to working with Governor General Simon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal government Cabinet in the months to come,” said MNO President Margaret Froh.


During the speech, Simon addressed how reconciliation will not be met through a single act, but rather “a lifelong journey of healing, respect and understanding.”

“Prime Minister Trudeau has vowed to deliver on the commitments the Liberals made during the federal election, particularly around meeting and advancing the needs of Métis communities here in Ontario and across the Métis Nation,” said Froh. “The government has made many promises on Indigenous issues over the past six years, and alongside those promises we hope to see a strong commitment to advancing Métis rights, self-determination and reconciliation.”


Priorities around this include seeing forceful action to continue to work to advance and implement Métis self-government in Ontario, developing a Métis claims policy , addressing violence against Métis women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people, making an explicit commitment to legislation that complies with the UNDRIP Bill (C-15), developing a concrete plan to address mental health challenges that face Métis citizens in Ontario, and furthering commitments to protecting our language and culture, among other vital measures.


“We were heartened to hear Governor General Simon state that despite the profound pain, there is hope,” said Froh. “This hope continues to propel our Métis government forward, as we turn hope into action to advance our shared priorities through our government to government relationship with Canada.”

SOURCE – Métis Nation of Ontario

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