Hornepayne students return to their roots

This year, teachers at École Saint Nom de Jésus (Hornepayne) had the idea of ​​recruiting alumni to support them with reading to students. Wanting to present a variety of Francophone role models in the community to their students, they contacted Danika Bérubé and Rihanna Hann, two graduates of the school. These two alumni agreed to contribute to the success of Saint Nom de Jésus students. To do this, they regularly produce and share reading videos with the school. Even though these grade 10 students are now pursuing their learning in an English-speaking school, they have not forgotten their French and are very happy to be of service to their “old” school. In addition, Danika and Rihanna will be able to complete their community volunteer hours while supporting younger students in the community of Hornepayne.


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