Happenings at Wawa First United Church – July 21

Kaireen, Lorna & Maria are taking a break during July & August and have distributed outlines for Morning Worship. If you would like to be included please call 705 856 1518.
Although we cannot meet for Worship you may like to read the Scriptures for July 25,  2021 – the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
2 Samuel 11: 1-15       David and Bathsheba.
Psalm 14                     Fools say, “There is no God.”
Ephesians 3: 14-21     God’s power accomplishes more than we can ask for or imagine.
John 6: 1-21               Jesus feeds the multitude and walks on water.
To Ponder:      When have you experienced God’s abundance? When have you had to trust that there would be enough and even more than enough?
Gathering   Pentecost 1  2021   Year B page 19  Used With Permission.
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