World Premiere Screening of Canadian Award-Winning Documentary “Was I Next? The Sean Cribbin Story” Announced!


An award-winning documentary will have its world premiere screening later this month will give viewers around the world a chance to watch it. The film was produced with a lot of local talent from Sault Ste. Marie.

“We’re grateful to have our film selected at a festival dedicated to mental health issues… and to have it screened during Mental Health Month – even better!” stated Billy Greer, Producer of the doc which has connections to Toronto, Hamilton area, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The documentary highlights Sean’s nearly fatal encounter on July 26, 2017, with Canadian serial killer, Bruce McArthur. The first thing Sean said to McArthur when he got into his vehicle that day is also the shocking question used at the end of the movie trailer…

“Did you hear there’s a serial killer in the neighbourhood?”

“There’s no manual for dealing with this – I’ve had to work through the survivor’s guilt of living, knowing the horrific fate of the eight victims… I always go back to the victims,” says Cribbin, who has also had to cope with outwardly hateful headlines suggesting McArthur should have finished the job.

“The reception from film festivals, both at home and internationally, has been very overwhelming. Podcasts from Canada, USA, Australia, and India have really helped promote the film and get Sean’s message out there, we are especially grateful considering the pandemic restrictions.” Tami Rydall, Executive Producer. Australia, France, Italy, UK, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Germany, Prague, USA, and Canada are among the countries who have awarded the documentary.

‘Was I Next?’ has won 106 awards to date, including 8 Awards of Excellence, several Honourable Mentions in addition to 5 festival screenings from Salt Lake City, Manhattan, Paris, Bali, and Toronto.

The film earned an Outstanding Excellence Award for Feature Documentary (Human Spirit Award) from DOCs Without Borders Film Festival (Nassau, Delaware). Other awards include Best Documentary, LGBTQ Feature, Original Story, Original Score (all the music ideas created by Sean’s partner, Steven Sauder), Cinematography, Editing, Director, Producer, Poster, and Best Trailer.

“It was an amazing experience to be involved in such a talented and creative group, showcasing talents from right here in Northern Ontario. Congratulations to Tami, Billy, Craig, and the entire team for making this possible” said, Bruce Clement, President, Superior Media ONNtv.

“We wanted to put the humanity back into an otherwise gruesome story… it’s more than just a story to us, this is Sean’s life,” says Greer, when asked about what they wanted to accomplish. For the iCogitate team, “Sean’s healing was paramount, respecting and honouring the eight victims without sensationalizing the serial killer was a balancing act – we definitely had an obligation to connect all the dots, we just didn’t have to put a spotlight on them!” Craig Huckerby, the film’s director added.


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