In Memoriam – Doug McRae

In Memory of Doug McRae who passed away one year ago today April 26, 2020.

I remember the first time we met
I look back at our time together with no regrets
The first time I looked into your eyes I knew we
would spend the rest of our life together and nothing could keep us apart.
I remember our favorite song and I still listen to it
for all the memories we made together.
When I remember you and the love we had, life without you
no way was I prepared.
Though life goes on without you
it will never be the same
I miss you with every breath I take.

Love Lee & Smokey (our dog)
Jody, Ray, Keely, Josh, Trace and Lexi

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  1. Remembering a man that was truly dedicated to his wife & the entire family, always willing to help anyone out when needed, and never asked for anything in return, had a heart of gold & we always enjoyed stopping to chat when we walked by from up the street … In Memoriam Doug …