the Bored Room: Maker North

The Northern Outlet is pleased to announce the Bored Room guest for this Saturday, March 20th at 4 PM is Maker North. Participants will get an inside look at how to make 3D products. They’ll overview tools, real-world experiences and it will provide an opportunity to learn about graphic design and Additive Manufacturing. Algoma youth ages 13-18 are welcome to this free event by visiting our website and clicking the “join” button.

The Northern Outlet is a virtual youth hub where youth can find a safe space to connect, learn, and create. Check out our website regularly for updates. Each week the Northern Outlet will feature a new guest in our Bored Room. If you would like to be a guest or know of someone who would make a great guest, please email [email protected]

The Northern Outlet has launched a new “Weekly Themes Challenge” on social media and the website – Calling for participation from followers. This week’s theme is “Ever After”. We want to see your sunsets, skylines, landscapes and water features! Post your photos, videos, drawings, and artistic creations using @thenorthernoutlet. Feel free to include biographies to go with your attachments!

We want to thank Entomica for being our Bored Room guest last Saturday. It was a buggy good time. There will be two $25 gift card door prizes for those who join in this week’s fun generously provided by Maker North and The Northern Outlet. Come join the fun! See you this Saturday at 4 PM!

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