Letter – Spencer’s Amazing Ice Rink

Dear Brenda,
Today I went skiing. Yesterday I skated on Spencer’s amazing ice rink on Wawa Lake. The day before I snowshoed behind the hospital. And all of the fun and beauty of nature I experienced was due to Wawa volunteers.
So I would like to send a virtual hug and/or a pat on the back to you who have blazed the trails, so we can walk or snowshoe, to you who have set down tracks, so we can ski, to you who have ploughed and maintained the wonderful ice rinks on Wawa Lake, so we can skate, and to the coaches, who volunteer their time, so we can play sports and have fun.
In this time of COVID-19, when playing outdoors is so important for our physical and mental health, Wawa’s volunteers have stepped up and excelled. Thank you! You have made me proud to be a Wawaite, a Wawaian, or whatever residents of Wawa are called.
A big shout-out too to the snowmobilers, who are not crossing the ice rinks on their snow machines. There is a sandy area on the beautiful ice track on Wawa Lake, that can stop you dead. My husband and I have each taken a tumble there and being in our 70s, we don’t bounce as well as we used to. 😁 Thanks for taking the extra few minutes to go around the rink. It is much appreciated.
Susan Kirby
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