Time to go Skating, maybe Hockey?

Although still quite brisk outside, temperatures should warm up this afternoon. If you haven’t taken advantage of going outside and skating on the beautiful path that is being maintained on Wawa Lake. In the past, Wawaites could use the ice rink created by the Municipality, but that is usually delayed until February. This winter, Spencer Jennings has been out clearing a path and small hockey rink on the ice of Wawa Lake. His brother, Myles Jennings has been also helping by using the four-wheeler to plow the rink. The path follows along the beachfront, with a loop in front of the Drill Rig. There is also an area for playing hockey!

What a wonderful thing to do for the community of Wawa to enjoy!


  1. Thank you Spencer and Myles! I have enjoyed skating outdoors on your ice path. It is far more enjoyable than skating in circles in an indoor ice rink. Plus the winter weather so far in January has made it comfortable to be outside.

  2. Miles and Spencer what a wonderful thing to do – you don’t know me but I am an Aunt – I was married to Mike Jennings brother! a Janet Jennings sent me this. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am reading this from my living room in Southern Ontario and so wish I was home in Wawa with my family right now to enjoy this!! What an amazing thing to do for the community – cudos to Spencer and Myles!