Merry Christmas to all ….and to all a good night!

Hello everyone!!

I trust you are all well and are ready for the holidays. Just one more sleepies until the big day!! Monica and I are prepared for an extended indoor holiday stay but are hoping that the restrictions will only be a quick precautionary couple of weeks that allows the province to regain the upper hand on this pandemic. (remember that if you can’t get out and need something, please call and I will see what I can do.)👍
I understand that Santa has received a lot of requests on his Christmas wish list this year. Some of these include new clubs…balls…tees…and then some of his best boys and girls out there asked for something very special …. an end to their 20 year slice! Good luck with that one….he can fly all over the world in one night but fixing a few of the slices that I have seen out there is definitely asking for more than any Christmas miracle!! The course is sleeping now but has a few fallen trees waiting for Mike and I to chop up in the spring…yeah!!!
If we look back at the past year, as I always do, I have many things to be thankful for and a renewed excitement is beginning to build about next year! Covid really screwed up a few of the plans and events in 2020 but with luck, the “Trump” vaccine will be well on it’s way to eliminating the virus. ( know…the one that he himself invented….Yes… the Donald spent countless days on the golf course computing the genetics and delivery systems as the world’s scientific community’s stood lining the fairways watching, hoping that he would share his findings with them and their countries all over the world….sorry, just had too throw that nugget in just once…. anyway….Sharing just a few of the highlights with you, I hope will make you smile and encourage everyone to introduce just 1 new person to the game we love and at times hate next year.
# 1…At the start of May, it looked like the 2020 season would not even have a chance to start. Then it was a go and everyone embraced the restrictions that allowed us to play. Thank you for all your help in keeping everyone safer.
# 2…Even with the Men’s, Ladies and Seniors’ days being delayed, we still managed to equal or better the number of participants from 2019. This was in part due to the season being extended. All three groups really enjoyed the extra rounds and with weather permitting we will be well into October before the 2021 season is over and we call it a year!!
#3… The Goose weekend went extremely well and saw a new par 3 tournament on the Friday night. It was open to everyone and our goal is to double the numbers for 2021! In case you hadn’t heard, no team shot under par!! As a matter of fact…there were many people who suggested we create a Ladies 2 day tournament and perhaps add an additional Men’s 3 man tournament on a different weekend next year. Details, dates and interest will need to be looked at but anything is possible right?
And finally…
#4…We saw the first couples night in recent memory take place with over 70 people teeing it up. Everything looked great until 6 hours before the start….then this huge storm cloud appeared on the radar and the night was almost canceled. Although it rained most of the night, it did not diminish the enthusiasm by the players. It stopped raining just in time for a burger and the prize presentation. As everybody started to head home most asked for more of these nights next year… and so for 2021, we are planning at least 3 special nights of couples therapy!! One event might be later in the evening and played in the dark so get that babysitter ready and on standby!!
Oh, honorable mention goes to my being introduced to the swear jar. If our Men’s night group introduced that to next year’s rounds, Nick would be paying for all our 2022 memberships!!👏
On a sad note, I am not sure if you knew this but, Brian Egan passed away recently. He was a friend and a much-appreciated resident of Wawa. Brian was an avid golfer, volunteer firefighter, family man, and served our community for decades doing what he could to ensure we were taken care of. His faith gave him strength and his kindness made everyone’s life a little better.
I also want to acknowledge the passing of Mr. Reg Spencer earlier this year. Reg was a long-standing member of the golf club’s Board of Directors. He always gave
strength and honesty to decisions made that affected the entire golf club. He assisted both in front and behind the scenes with the club. We all owe a great deal of thanks to the contributions that Reg made over the years.
Both of these men made Wawa a better place to live. They will be remembered, appreciated, and loved by all. Thank you and please, rest in peace.    
Well, I should wrap this year’s end version of the emails up as I am sure you have places to go and people to see…oh….no, I guess not so much this year…sorry. Don’t worry, we will all be back to sharing and creating fantastic memories sooner than later. Remember, there is no better place to enjoy friends and family than outside at the course. April will be here before long and we can all start believing that 2021 will be the year we will break 100, or 90, or even 80!!
So as I wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday season,  please remember how fortunate we are to have each other….fortunate to be in a place that hasn’t seen the kind of pain that so many people all over the world have endured this year. If you had someone close to you battle Covid, my prayers are with you and trust that everything will be alright. Although it may be a quieter Christmas for us…and there may be less people gathered around our tables, I am going to stay positive. I won’t dwell on what I am going to miss or what I want and can’t have, I will instead be grateful for what I do have…..My family, my friends, all of you…. and our little slice of tranquility that will come to life yet again this spring and allow all of us to gather together as friends and enjoy the only sport that can be played from the age of 3 to 103. Sons and daughters together with Moms and Dads, Grandparents and Great Grandparents…all able to play at the same time in the same place. Truly special when you think about it.
So,until next time, please have a safe and Happy Holiday season.
And as always, I remain,
Karl Benstead
Karl Benstead
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