Wawa – Looking Back in Time ‘Square Dancing and more’

Looking Back In Time - 03
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There’s a whole lotta dancing going on in Wawa… Looks like they shut down the whole block to square dance. Then went on the the Union Hall to continue the evening. It was fun to see the old Legion Hall, White’s Clothing and White’s Grocery Store. Across the was West & Co. (now part of Canadian Tire). We certainly had some entrepreneurs that built Wawa.


David has finished converting and uploading his late great uncle Aatto’s 8mm film footage of Wawa and surrounding areas to YouTube.
He explains that Aatto was a resident of Wawa in the 1960’s. “He filmed many community events, sporting events and some footage of visiting people.   Aatto never got married.   Based on what I’ve been able to determine by asking some living relatives is that he had a girlfriend at one point, but I do not know if she is in any of this footage or who most of the people are. All of this footage is a time capsule of what life was like back in the 60’s, or at least it is a snapshot of how things looked from my great uncle’s perspective.”
If you have any information about anyone or the scenes in the videos, please comment below.


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