Wawa – Looking Back in Time to 1962



Wawa-news received the following video last week. It portrays a fire between the now closed Wawa Handy Store and the apartment building on the corner. That vacant lot is now the home for Dr. Bowyer’s traveling clinic.

This film was recorded by the late Aatto Kulha in the 1960’s. His great-nephew David contacted me and said, “This was apparently quite a sizeable fire. It is interesting to see the firefighters battling the fire with little or no protective equipment.”

David has more reels of 8mm film and is in the process of digitizing and will upload to YouTube for current and former residents of Wawa, Ontario to see. Wawa-news will feature them, and encourages readers to share their comments below, and to consider sharing their photographic treasures.



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  1. I remember that fire. It was the old bowling lanes