Tired of Cooking? Lemony Chicken Legs & Chilled Strawberry Pie

If you are anything like me – cooking meals for years on end, you have no idea of what to cook next. Here is a dish that I enjoy, you may as well.

It is still warm out, and these Lemony Chicken Legs are delicious on the grill or baked in the oven. Serve them with a fresh salad and a bed of rice to soak up any juices from the chicken, and tomorrow if you can get your hands on some fresh tomatoes – toasted tomato and chicken sandwich; my mouth is watering already.

For dessert, although it is a bit more work, strawberry pie can make a wonderful cool dessert. This will not last for long because it is quite tasty, but the fresh strawberries mean that it should be consumed right away. No excuse for leftovers tonight, but if you have any leftover – serve it with your coffee for a extravagant breakfast or brunch treat.