It’s Been a Good Run – UPDATE

WELL – amazing news! I have gotten two ads which means that I will be able to provide Wawa-news for another month. Thank you to those who continue to support Wawa-news.

It has been a good 15 years since Wawa-news began operations, but all good things come to an end, and today – Wawa-news is finished.

I left Wawa in September 2019, returned in October for three months, and due to the housing shortage and lack of advertising revenue, I left again. With COVID-19 amongst us there is nearly no advertising by local businesses – and certainly not enough to survive with. Facebook has become the new advertising medium.

The other large blow that I haven’t been able to recover from was the lawsuit by Gerry Liddle against myself and the Municipality. Telling that had a price – a good $20,000 price tag for me (the price to the taxpayer is unknown). It didn’t matter in the end though, there is nothing for me to recover my costs from.

So despite my love in writing, photography – and as Karin said once “love won’t put bread on the table”. Wawa-news can no longer continue.

I have had many great experiences – good and heart-breaking over the past 15 years. Sharing the great heart that Wawa has with residents and ex-patriots who have moved away. Showing us what a beautiful ‘backyard’ we have with the many beautiful photographs I’ve taken over the years. Enjoyed a job that allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom and still bring an income to the house, and shared many a great experience with my daughter along the way.

Loved getting emails from stranded travellers at 2, maybe 3 in the morning from travellers desperately trying to discover if the highway was open – did I have a crystal ball? I didn’t, but made sure to answer them and get them back rolling.

Made many, many friends along the way as I discovered their stories and shared them with you.

I would like to thank:

  • the many businesses who supported Wawa-news with advertising over the years. Your patronage kept me going.
  • those who would send comments thanking me for a special photograph, or just saying thanks – during the dark times – you reminded me that what I wrote was important.
  • my family for their support in following a dream

Stay safe.

Brenda Stockton


  1. It saddens us deeply that this site has to close off…it is certainly kept all the WAWA folks informed near and far.
    Thank you Brenda for the last 15 years of service you have provided to the community and to the former residents of Wawa. We will all miss checking out the local news and obituaries on your site.

  2. Holly Morrison

    Dear Brenda:
    I just want to express my gratitude for your service to Wawa and to people such as myself who no longer live there, who are not on Facebook and continue to hold Wawa near and dear to their hearts, Wawa-news has been a wonderful tool. Thank you for your commitment to serve the public, Wawa will miss you.
    Best wishes for wherever life may take you.
    Holly Morrison

  3. Thank you Brenda for providing the wawa-news service to Wawa. It is the first thing I read when I went online in the morning (plus I checked it many more times during the rest of the day).

    Thank you to all the local businesses that advertise on wawa-news and help support this source of information about what is happening in Wawa and area.

  4. Sad news , first thing I did every morning!

  5. Kaireen Morrison

    Brenda, you have been a mainstay of this community for so many years. A number of us will have withdrawal symptoms I am sure, not being able to turn to first thing in the morning. You provided local news for people and far. Best wishes for future endeavours.

  6. Brenda,
    Your have provided a much appreciated source of community news. My wish is for Wawa-news to survive but if that cannot be, then may your road ahead be happy and healthy.
    Shirley Hale