Letter to the Editor – An Essential Service at Risk

Dear Brenda,

I was dismayed to read your notice of impending closure, and relieved to read a few hours later that you had received some advertising to allow you to keep alive for another month. I would like for you to share my thoughts with your readers.

Thank you


To the Readers of Wawa News

Our lives have changed, community businesses are at risk, and normal everyday communication is completely altered. In the current time many are struggling, especially small business. It is precisely local business that identifies the unique draw, beauty, and character of Wawa. The circumstances have brought us to losing what I consider an essential service.

That character is what keeps thousands checking into to Wawa News daily. Simple communication about what is taking place is shared across the country, or further, with people that have had a relationship with the community and/or the residents. When you read an article, the number of people that have read it is posted on the page. I became curious about the actual numbers for a week were, and asked for the information. The first week of June the average per day of unique visits were 2,825, the average per day first time visits were 2,041, and the average per day returning visits were 784. That kind of traffic each and every day, and we risk losing this valued source of information and communications tool.

The inability of businesses to afford advertising currently has had a dramatic effect on Wawa News and likely other media as well. It is hard to spend hours a day on a business that does not support you financially when you need to make a living to support yourself. It does not make sense, which is why you would have to look for other avenues of income.

I believe that if a means of interim support could be realized, it would be worthwhile for Brenda to keep it running. I can’t imagine not having access to local information. No news, weather, council agendas and meetings, awesome photography, information and coverage of events, local press releases to keep us informed about events that impact us directly, and so much more.

There are many of us that rely on Wawa News exclusively, and many more that are able to maintain a relationship with Wawa through being able to access Wawa News.

I have been approached by others that feel the same way and some possibilities that I have heard are:

  • An annual fee of $12 based on $1/month
  • A go-fund-me to gather donations to maintain this resource though COVID-19.

I am hoping that others feel the same. If you have a suggestion, please share it.

Thank you

Holly Hughes

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  1. Patreon.com is a very good option that just requires Brenda to sign up and not have to create s subscription service since patreon offers a seamless way for readers to support journalism.

  2. I totally agree Holly & whatever $$$ you decide I would be glad to contribute – would really miss wawa-news.com if it wasn’t available

  3. An annual fee of $12 based on $1/month
    A go-fund-me to gather donations to maintain this resource though COVID-19.

    I would certainly support either of those suggestions or some other financial arrangement to assist Wawa News.

    Jack Fenlon

  4. I would support this as well.

  5. This idea of a monthly fee is a great idea. This website is utilized by so many locals, it is essential. We stay connected thru this site, please let’s come together & not only support Brenda but the news of the community. I will certainly contribute!

  6. We also use this site regularly! $12 annual fee for users is minimal, $1 / month, a coffee a day is more than that at Timmys and we all use Tim Hortons! To former Wawaites this site keeps us all informed.
    Someone would have to set up a system that would work and now most banks offer free E-Transfers.
    Anyone interested in heading that up should come forth and help Brenda make this happen.

    Com’on Wawa lets get this done!

  7. I support keeping Wawa-News just not sure of best way. Business financial advice anyone?

  8. E. Jayne Griffith

    Excellent! Count me in.

  9. I am fully in agreement with the comments that have been mentioned on this site regarding keeping Wawa News alive.
    A special shout out to a former Cochrane resident Holly Hughes for bringing this issue forward. A question that should be posed to Brenda, do you wish to continue “Wawa news”, if so, what would be an appropriate cost per monthly/annual subscription to allow Wawa news to continue. From the responses to date, it appears that everyone is eager to support Wawa News.

    • Although I left Wawa in 1963 it\s always been my “hometown” and I check Wawa News almost every day. I’d be glad to participate in any subscription/fund raising that would ensure Brenda could carry on.

    • Thanks Jim. At this point Brenda is willing to try it. If enough people sign up it will be feasible.

  10. I’ll sign up!!! We need to keep it alive.

  11. Robin Marshall-Davidson

    I’ll sign up!!! We need to keep it alive.

  12. I have e transferred the annual contribution to ensure Wawa news remains a viable media outlet.

  13. We, also will pay if you let me know where to send it by e-transfer, or cheque whatever way you wish.