Exceptional Experiences of the Wandering Whisky Whisperer – Book Launching

This coming Tuesday December 10th, 2019, there will be a book launch party and whisky tasting at Odeno’s Pub at Sault College (formerly known as the Outback).  Join John Clement, the Wandering Whisky Whisperer, for a book reading, and book signing for the launch of his second book, titled:Exceptional Experiences of the Wandering Whisky Whisperer.

Clement’s first book, Musings of the Wandering Whisky Whispererfocused on the life lessons he learned while on his whisky journey. His second book, in a three-book series, highlights the 60 best whiskies that he has found during his 60 years on the planet, with help from his panel of whisky aficionados.

“I want to share my knowledge, wisdom, and experience about whisky, and how it has improved my life,” said Clement. “This book aims to do so in an intelligent yet playful manner. These are 60 of the closest to perfect whiskies that my research team and I identified… they are exceptional whiskies identified by exceptional people.”

Exceptional Experiences of the Wandering Whisky Whispererprovides readers with the usual information about the nose, colour, tongue of each whisky, along with pairings and some interesting tasting notes. “The notes are creative and funny, as whisky tends to bring out the creativity in people,” said Clement. “I have approximately 20 people on my research team who have helped to bring forth these humorous anecdotes from whispering whisky. This book is way beyond a simple checklist. It takes you on a mindful journey with whisky as your guide.”

The whiskies are listed alphabetically, and Clement notes that to rank them by preference would be an impossible task, as whiskies change based on our mood, what and whom we drink them with, and how full the bottle is.

“The search for exceptional whiskies and whisky experiences is a noble one,” said Clement. “The next whisky you taste may just make time stand still.”

The event will be a unique opportunity to sit with the author, hear a reading from the book, and pick up a signed copy for the holidays. The forward to the book, written by Blake Golder, a foodie and whisky aficionado, will also be read by Mr. Golder himself. Clement is also offering to guide attendees through a whispering whisky session at the bar, but notes that it is a family friendly event.

“John’s unique way of making whisky taste good through his mindful whisperings along with his passion for life, food and people, bring exceptional experiences to reality.” Ashleigh Sauvé, owner of Shabby Motley and whisky aficionado, said.

“Whispering whisky is tasting whisky in a mindful way,” said Clement. “The book helps people develop a deep connection with whisky that lets us share not only in its flavours, but to experience it in all its levels, allowing whisky to reveal some of life’s secrets.”

The event runs from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday December 10, with free parking in the J wing South Parking lot at Sault College for the book launch.

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