The LDHC Foundation Says Thank You to the Dubreuilville Strongman Committee

The Strongman Committee presents their donation to Foundation Directors.


Recently, LDHC Foundation received a generous donation from the Dubreuilville Strongman Committee in the amount of 5,593.50. The donation will be used to purchase an IV pump for the Dubreuilville Nursing Station. The new intravenous pump will be upload with a library of medication protocols and will allow for up to 2 medications to be administered at a time.  The Lady Dunn Health Centre has recently replaced all IV pumps through the facility to the Hospira Plum 360 Smart Pump.   The Foundation is most appreciative of organizations which continue to support the local hospital to realize their vision, “Excellent health care for every one every day.”

Thank you Dubreuilville Strongman for your support!

For more information about the Foundation or how to donate today contact Crystal Lutz at 705-856-2335 extension 3219 or email us at [email protected].

Generous Hearts ~ the key to a healthy future.

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