Statement by MPP Michael Mantha on Ontario investment in Manitoulin Aquaculture

Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, is pleased to congratulate three Algoma-Manitoulin aquaculture businesses on receiving a recently announced financial investment from the Province of Ontario. Yesterday the Ontario Government announced that it is making significant investments in John O Foods of Sheshegwaning First Nation, Meeker Management Services of Evansville and Caselton Aquaculture of Manitowaning. All three companies operate aquaculture businesses on Manitoulin Island.

Aquaculture, also known as fish farming, is a rising industry with incredible potential for growth and expansion. “It’s wonderful to know that Algoma-Manitoulin is home to some of North Americas top shelf aquaculture companies,” said MPP Michael Mantha. “As the world struggles to tackle a toxic brew of challenges including growing world populations, hunger and malnutrition, global warming and urban sprawl which swallows up arable farm land, aquaculture is playing increasingly important role in providing a nutritious source of needed protein.” Reports indicate that currently aquaculture accounts for over 50 percent of the world market for fish.

“I welcome these substantial investments supporting the aquaculture industry here in Northern Ontario,” said Mantha. “Besides being an important food source, aquaculture is a fast-growing industry that will bring good jobs and economic benefits to Manitoulin Island.  As well, these businesses have been recognized for cutting-edge innovation and industry development. On many occasions, I have raised in the Legislature the incredible opportunities aquaculture is bringing, not only to our region, but also to our entire province.  I welcome the $1.2 million investment made by the Ontario government in the aquaculture industry and congratulate John O Foods, Meeker Management Services and Caselton Aquaculture.”

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