NDP MPP proposes to ban fracking in Ontario

Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP Energy and Climate Change critic, held a press conference today to re-introduce a private member’s bill proposing to ban fracking in Ontario.


The bill, which Tabuns first tabled in 2015, has only taken on increasing urgency as new evidence has emerged showing that fracking is even more problematic than anyone realized four years ago. Recent studies by NASA show a much greater role in global warming from methane leaks from oil and gas production. Other studies show fracking having much more significant methane leaks than conventional oil and gas production.


“We are running out of time to protect our kids and grandkids from some of the worst effects of climate change,” said Tabuns. “Why leave the door open to fracking — which would only add fuel to the fire — when we can send a clear message that fracking has no place in Ontario?”


While the fracking industry has yet to establish a foothold in Ontario, developers have been rumoured to have had an interest in exploring the province for shale gas in the past.


“The generations that come after us deserve to inherit clean air and water,” said Tabuns, “but that won’t happen if Doug Ford continues on his destructive path.


“Instead of fighting climate change by making big polluters pay, Doug Ford is making things so much worse by paying big polluters. What’s more, he’s axing and cutting programs that help fight and mitigate climate change and its risks, like flood management and tree planting.


“Before the Conservatives, it was the Liberals who let Ontarians down. They could have moved to put this law in place when my earlier bill was passed at second reading.”


Tabuns’ renewed call to ban fracking comes as the effects of climate change provide an increasingly visible reminder of the need to shift away from the use of fossil fuels before it’s too late.


“The flooding that is currently causing widespread damage in Ontario and Quebec makes clear that we are already paying the price for climate change,” said Tabuns. “We must take action to prevent the problem from getting worse.


“Proactively banning fracking in Ontario would be a meaningful way to do just that.”

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