Eagles on the Lake

Eagles on the Lake
Flying out over Wawa Lake, and the garbage left behind the ice huts.
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Yesterday afternoon a pair of eagles, possibly a mating pair were seen out on Wawa Lake. They didn’t appear to be scavenging amongst the garbage left out on the lake from the ice huts. They were certainly being harassed by the ravens and then the seagulls. It was fun watching them soar and fly effortlessly away from the ravens and gulls.

My thanks to Cindy Jozin who let me know that the eagles were out on Wawa Lake.

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  1. Other signs of Spring: Herring Gulls returned on schedule (March 14) to one of the islands in Michipicoten Bay (but the Bay is still frozen solid for at least 5 kms out from shore). A Peregrine Falcon killed a Ring-billed gull in Michipicoten Bay on April 5. I saw 2 Canada Geese flying over the mouth of Michipicoten River on April 9.