Wawa Remembers – Remembrance Day 2018

Getting ready for the Parade.


On November 11th, the members of Royal Canadian Legion and Ladies Auxiliary, OPP, Firefighters were led by Piper Scott McGillivray. They marched down to the Cenotaph in Queen’s Park where a wreath laying ceremony was conducted by Comrade Larry Harvey. Once complete, the Parade marched on to the Michipicoten High School for the indoor ceremony in the auditorium. As this is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, Wawa-news recorded in order for readers to share the ceremony with those who could not attend. The video is now on YouTube and linked below. Please adjust your audio when the piping begins.


Wawa’s last veteran of World War II – Albert Nicholas.

After the ceremony concluded, the Parade was reconvened, and they marched up to the Legion Hall where a potluck was served for all to enjoy.


One can look at the photographs of veterans in their youth, and now; see the photos of war atrocities – but the one thing that has great impact is listening to when the guns fall silent, and you can hear the larks.


It brings to life the poem “In Flanders Field”. By clicking this link, you can hear yourself. They fought to the very last second – before stopping.


Murray Davidson laying the first wreath on behalf of Canada.


Councillor Pat Tait – Municipality of Wawa.


Staff Sgt of SE OPP Wawa Detachment.


Air Cadet Indiana-Lou


Pat Harron


Comrade Dick Watson.





Comrade Larry Harvey of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 429, Wawa.

Paula Valois playing “Field of Poppies”.


Air Cadet Indiana-Lou speaking at the wreath laying ceremony.


The Grade 10’s at MHS created a presentation to be heard during the silence after the Last Post.





Lorraine Killins was given a certificate of appreciation for all her help and support of the Legion.


Comrade Keith Killins was awarded Legionnaire of the Year by Joan Page. She explained, “a man of many talents, a proud Legionnaire, a musician, one who stepped into the breach when we needed him the most, one who carves ice from afar for our drunks drinks. I need say no more. Our person of the year is our Bar Manager, Keith Killins.”


Comrade Pat Harron made a presentation from the Legion Ladies Auxiliary. The ‘eager beaver ladies’ as she termed them, just motored and held their first Oktoberfest, raising $500 profit. That went to the Building Fund. The “biggie” was the cheque to go towards the sewer problems. She was, “pleased, happy, and very proud to present the Branch, $15,000!”.


Comrade Eric Mitrikas made a special thank you to Comrade Larry Harvey, Poppy Campaign. Eric said, “Let me tell you about Larry Harvey. Past President, and Chairman of our Poppy Committee. Larry’s been working at the Poppy Campaign this year for two months now. Doing everything from making sure the mail out envelopes are prepared, wreaths arranged, ordered, and all that kind of stuff. This culminated in today’s activities, the parade, the wonderful ceremony at Michipicoten High School. He did a great job at MC’ing that, and a lovely presentation. Larry, we appreciate it. On behalf of the Branch, and the Ladies Auxiliary, thank you very much.” After the applause, Larry replied, “That means a lot. I’d just like to thank you all for coming, attending the service. It means a lot to us. I hope you are all full. Now you can go home and watch the History Channel all afternoon.”


From the Memorial Plaque in the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre


World War I

Bill Atkinson, Reno Berdusco, Howard Bryan, William Fox, Fred Jones, Lorne Mahoney, Eric Monroe, William Penno, Wilfred Portugais, Frank Sherlock, Pete Valois, William Wilford, Jock Wilson.

World War II
William Amos, William Archer, Harold Armstrong, Russ Atkinson, Glen Axelson, Malcom Bain, Buddy Baites, William Barber, James Beaton, Beaton, Fred, William Beck, James Becks, George Behan, Roy Beith, Leo Belair, Rodney Belair, William Betchler, Peter Bernath, Bud Biron, Paul Blair, Anatole Bober, Bert Bond, George Bond, Harvey Bond, Alfred Boltan, George Boucher.

Peter Boychuk, James Boyd, Lyman Buck, Arnold Buckler, John Bugyra, George Burns, Ned Burns, Reginald Burns, Douglas Burry, Michael Bzdell, Leslie Calkins, Robert Camiere, Cleland Campbell, William Campbell, Albert Cappillani, Keith Carruthers, Max Carson, Gordon Carswell, Greer Cawley, Flo Charbonneau, Arnold Chisholm, Eric Christianson, Nelson Christianson, Siguari Christianson, M. Cleary, John Code.

Robert Cokayne, William Coleman, S. Connor, Dorothy Cormier, Norman Cormier, Gerald Coutu, V. Coutu, Glen Coyne, M. Cucie, William Cuthbertson, Walter Cybulski, Art Dalrymple, Eden Dalrymple, Harold Dand, Jim Davey, Joseph Dawyd, G. Derasp, Archibald Dockerty, Charles Dockerty, Joseph Doran, Melvin Douglas, Donald Draper, Douglas Dunbar, John Durell, Archibald Eldridge, Nestor Erechook.

Joe Elliot, Bennet Fair, Reginald Federwich, Hugh Ferguson, Arthur Firlotte, Raymond Fisher, Jeff Floria, Joseph Forsythe, Arthur Fournier, George Froy, Anthony Gerood, A. Gibb, Evelyn Giddens, John Giddens, Richard Giddens, Ronald Giddens, Alwin Goodwin, Arthur Graham, Angus Grant, Norman Green, Gordon Haight, Jacob Halucha, James Hammett, Charles Harron, Harry Harton, Reg Hay.

Clifford Hayes, Lorne Henderson, Harvey Herzog, Arthur Hicks, Edwin Hicks, William Ideman, Bruno Jacha, William Jarvis, Fred Jarrell, William Johnson, Chuck Jones, Edward Kane, Gordon Keating, Alex Keen, Corbett Kennedy, Joe Kenny, Donald Kettles, David Kidd, James Killins, George Kimble, James King, C. Klassen, Zifko Kneisel, John Konigen, Dusan Kusic, Romeo Lacette.

James Lacey, Gerald Lacrosse, Malcom Laing, R. Lamarche, G. Langivin, Robert Latimer, P. Latondress, Omer Latour, Robert Lawson, Carmen Lethbridge, Clayton Linklater, Austin Lypsett, Steven Lytwynec, Ian MacDonald, Louis MacIntosh, D. MacKenzie, John MacKenzie, Wilfred MacNeil, Lorne MacWilliams, E. Major, Fred Mann, Harry Mann, Vitomar Markovic, Preston Martin,  G. Maiarorsky, Zeno Mitrikas.

Joseph Maxwell, Alec McArthur, William McCaig, Ken MacDonald, Hector McKeen, D. McLarty, John McLean, George McLeod, Lois McLeod, George Mersereau, M. Mersereau, Raymond Miller, John Mills, Leonard Mills, Ralph Mills, T. Mills, Edwin Montgomery, John Montgomery, Arnold Moore, George Moore, Doris Morris, Tom Morris, Clarence Morrison, Daniel Murray, Jack Myers, Stan Napier.

Daniel Nee, George Newman, Harry Newton, Albert Nicholas, Steven Nowak, Jozef Nowicki, Thomas Oliver, William Overton, Russel Palmer, John Paulencu, Alfred Peat, D. Pennerleith, Eric Perkins, Emile Peterson, Fred Pollard, Albert Prat, Harold Quamme, William Quarrell, Joseph Rainville, Tom Ralph, H. Rausch, George Renault, Shelia Renault, Bill Richards, Henry Richards, Keith Richards.

Matt Richardson, Blair Richardson, Ken Richardson, Don Robert, Leslie Roberts, William Robets, John Rose, George Ross, Norman Roussain, William Rushton, Jerrold Russ, Charles Rutland, Albert Sabados, Louis Sabados, Adrian Samson, William Scaife, Vera Schneider, Henry Scott, Manley Scott, John Seyler, Tom Simpson, Bill Skouris, Peter Skouris, Al Sloan, Williard Sloan, Murdock Sloss.

Ellison Smith, William Smith, Gerald St. Marie, Ray Stack, Harold Soderlund, Hugh Spring, Desmond Stewart, Norm Stewart, Robert Strand, Harry St. Laurent, Martin St. Laurent, A. Stringer, Mervyn Switzer, Nicholas Symanyk, Joseph Thomas, Clare Thompson, Freeman Thompson, Ken Thompson, Roy Thompson, Al Tobin, Bert Turner, Milford Twidale, Arsene Vallee, George Valois, Jack Valois, Bill Wallace.

Percy Wardrop, Richard Watson, Howard West, Donald Wescott, Albert White, Ray White, Victor White, John Wilcox, J. Wilkins, William Willson, Larry Wilson, R. Winlaw, Stan Woody, Michael Worley, Eric Yeoman, Ken Atkinson, John Chadwick, J. R. Devon, Leo Dube, Steven Dunn, Roland MacDonald, August Meachum, Henry Viita.

Korean War
Ray Baronnette, James Bouliane, Stan Desaulnier, Marcel Dumont, Tim Egan, William Moore.

Killed in Action
John Haight, Raymond Hall, William Milne, Charles Morley, Stephen Renault.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.