NDP demands Ford government increase social assistance supports for Ontarians

During question period Thursday, NDP MPP Joel Harden demanded that the Ford government follow through with increases in social assistance supports for Ontarians in need after the government failed to provide assurances the budgeted increases would happen.


The 2018 Ontario Budget includes a commitment to increase support for Ontario Works (OW) and ODSP recipients by 3 per cent annually, starting this fall. Although that amount falls short of what is needed, Harden said he’s worried the Conservatives will take the OW and ODSP shortfall for recipients from bad to worse


“One my constituents asked me to confirm that these increases will go ahead as planned.  But when we checked with the ministry, no one had the answer,” said Harden, MPP for Ottawa Centre.


“Will the minister confirm that Ontario Works and ODSP recipients will receive the increases in support they are counting on?”


Harden said that a commitment to $2.3 billion in new investments over three years – made before Doug Ford was elected – is now at risk.


“Will the minister confirm that she will fulfill this commitment to invest $2.3 billion in new money over three years to help Ontarians in need?”

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