Minister of Education Lisa Thompson on future consultations for Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

“During the recent election campaign, we made a clear promise to replace the entirety of Ontario’s current sex-ed curriculum with an age-appropriate one that is based on real consultation with parents.

“When Ontario voters chose their new government, they did so knowing that this was our intended course of action.

“Throughout this process, our commitment to Ontario parents has remained unwavering.

“We will be engaging in a thorough end-to-end consultation with parents over the coming months.  Preparations are already underway with consultations scheduled to begin in the fall.

“This will be one of most robust consultation processes in the history of Ontario’s education system and all parents, of all points of view, will be invited to participate over the coming months. Parents will tell us what matters to them.

“As of today, we have made no decisions on what the new curriculum will look like. The final decision on the scope of the new curriculum will be based on what we hear from Ontario parents.

“While these consultations occur, we are reverting to the full health and physical education curriculum that was last taught in 2014.  This curriculum leaves ample space to discuss current social issues.

“Our goal remains to ensure Ontario’s children are protected while their parents are respected.”

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