An Open Letter to the Citizens of Ontario

Feb 2, 2018 @ 10:18

Dear Editor,

The self-inflicted destruction of the Provincial Official Opposition that has occurred over the last week, is simply another chapter in the sad drama that has been Ontario politics for at least the last 12 years.

As entertaining as it is to watch these “power” junkies jockey for first place, we must remember that there is only one victim here, or should I say 13.6 million victims –every citizen of Ontario.

Common phrases I hear each day include, “they’re all the same”, “I told ya so” and the saddest of them all “what do you expect, they’re politicians”.

We should expect more from our leaders. Nay… we should demand more from our leaders. We shouldn’t be so quick to forgive when one or 56 says, “I’m sorry” followed with a payload of “crocodile tears, only after getting caught.

When I was younger, I was taught by my parents that if your mission is to get to the top by destroying everything in front of you, then all you’ve achieved is getting to the top of the bottom of the barrel. And, my friends, the current political barrel is a very deep barrel, with a very low bottom.

I would like to suggest that there is another option out there — the Trillium Party of Ontario. We are a party that was created 4 years ago because we realized real change cannot happen from within, as long as the party back-room bureaucrats are there…. And they are always there. The odd one may be shuffled out, but will be replaced by another of the same. The face of the Party may change but the rotten core will always be there.

The Trillium Party, over the last few years, has done some amazing things.

  • Formed a “grass roots” party from scratch
  • Designed a comprehensive policy platform that is 100 percent based in common sense, and grass roots input.
  • Had a sitting MPP from the big 3 cross the floor to a new party because he believed in having a voice for his constituents (never in history had that been done)
  • Largest defection from a single riding in the history of provincial politics from a “Big 3” party to the Trillium Party (over 600 members and 23 Riding Executives from the King Vaughan PC’s to the Trillium Party.
  • Multiple riding associations have defected to the Trillium Party.
  • And…and…and…

Let’s Try an Experiment.

For this election only, I would like to suggest that, just this once, you try something absolutely different.

  1. Look at the Trillium platform, and assess it to see if it makes sense
  2. Look at our Grassroots Constitution and Guiding Principles
  3. Sit quietly for a moment and reflect on whether, or not, the person you have voted for in the past has really represented your interests in the Legislature, and is your life any better since you’ve been voting for either the NDP, Libs or PC.
  4. Have the courage to support and VOTE for THE TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO.
  5. When you are asked by polling companies how you plan to vote in the next election simply say, “By secret ballot”. Tell your neighbors and friends you’re voting for whoever they think may be the best choice.  OR, Say ,you are voting for the Trillium Party of Ontario.

So, why do this? There is absolutely no downside. Yes, it’s possible that Liberals or PC’s or NDP may still win; and, life will simply go on as though you never voted at all. You will have ANOTHER government that will most assuredly raise your taxes, or diminish your services, and blames “anyone but them” for their inability to solve your problems.


You could get a Trillium representative as your MPP who is 100% bound to represent you, and only you, for every vote in Parliament (No Party Whips).  A member who can work with either a Conservative government or a Liberal government = you win!

The Trillium Party of Ontario could receive just 6% of the popular vote and that number would shake the foundation of all the parties to the quick. The Big three would be forced to consider the voters of Ontario’s wishes in any new legislation they design. This will happen because it will be demonstrated that the regular folks” have awakened, and are no longer accepting of whatever election-time drivel that is said by the Big 3 parties in order to get a win.

This is the first time in 80 years of provincial politics that real grassroots can happen.  I ask that you please have the courage to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT – SOMETHING BETTER.

Support the Trillium Party of Ontario.

Bob Yaciuk
Leader Trillium Ontario