Poor Highways delay Dubreuilville bus this morning

Jan 31, 2018 @ 09:18

Screenshot at 6:25 this morning, ‘all transprortation services are running as scheduled’.

The Dubreuilville school bus was delayed this morning by very poor road conditions.


Wawa-news did confirm with the Transportation Consortium at 8:35 a.m. that the bus driver would be late to Dubreuilville as the driver had reported to them that the roads hadn’t been plowed, and that they were awful. The children are usually picked up around 7:15/7:20 a.m. in Dubreuilville.



Highway 17 this morning at the Hwy 17 & Hwy 519 Junction.

It wasn’t clear if the driver was referring to Highway 17 or Highway 519.



However, another motorist advised Wawa-news that Highway 519 was treacherous and icy this morning (7:57 a.m.). Their morning commute took an hour and half today.