Ladies Golf – Closing Tournament Results

Number of players – 63

1st in 1st  Flight – Toni Rutland, Suzanne Lacasse, Brenda Pelletier – 40
2nd in 1st Flight – Colette Dechamplain, Chantal Cousineau, Stephanie Gauthier – 41
3rd in 1st Flight- Barb Leschishin, Norma Kauk, Lynne Zuliani – 42
1st in 2nd Flight – Valerie Levesque, Josee Legault, Chantal Turcotte – 45
2nd in 2nd Flight – Lise Noel, Margaret Davidson, Gerry Rose – 46 (retro)
3rd in 2nd Flight –  Danette Mathias, Judy Zagar, Brigitte Cyr – 46
1st in 3rd Flight –  Diane Spencer, Melissa Terris, Silvana Dereski – 48
2nd in 3rd Flight – Joan Jewell, Sandra Case, Linda Guindon – 49
3rd in 3rd Flight – Linda Ilola, Nellie Harvey Gwynne O’Shaughnessy – 50
1st in 4th Flight – Joanne Beland, Marsha Houde, Laura Mersereau – 50 (retro)
2nd in 4th Flight – Nancy Dery, Edith Levesque, Natalie Lacroix – 50
3rd in 4th Flight – Connie Taylor, Gladys Tessier, Doreen Lambert – 51
1st in 5th Flight – Genevieve Hardy, Kayley East, Rabecca Dumont –   54
2nd in 5th Flight – Crystal Lutz, Nadine Cartledge, Laryssa Simpson – 54
3rd – in 5th Flight – Christina Portis, Lucille Vachon-Case, Tania Case – 56

Hole Prizes
Hole #1
Closest to the pin – 3rd shot – Tammy Valliere
Longest Putt –  Chrystal Morden
Hole #2
Closest to the pin – 4th shot Suzanne Lacasse
Longest Putt – Tania Case
Hole #3
Closest to the pin – 1st shot – Stephanie Gauthier
Closest to the pin from sand trap – Ida Verviers
Hole #4
Closest to the pin – 4th shot – Colette Dechamplain
Longest Putt – Genevieve Hardy
Hole #5
Longest Drive – High Handicap – Chrystal Morden
Longest Putt – Sandra Case
Hole #6
Longest Drive – Low Handicap – Stephanie Gauthier
Longest Putt – Maury O’Neill
Hole #7
Closest to the pin – 1st shot – Toni Rutland
Closest to the pin from sand trap – Stephanie Gauthier
Hole #8
Closest to the pin – 3rd shot – Stephanie Gauthier
Longest Putt – Connie Taylor
Hole #9
Closest to the pin – 3rd shot – Brigitte Cyr
Longest Putt – Diane Spencer

It was a great day for golf as the course was challenging and enjoyed by all.  The 2017 Ladies Closing Tournament was a success!

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