Wawa Declares State of Emergency – expects Kashechewan Evacuees today

Apr 18, 2017 @ 14:20

On April 16, 2017, the Municipality of Wawa declared a state of emergency in order to prepare for the arrival of evacuees from the First Nation Community of Kashechewan. Rising waters on the Albany River and its major tributaries made the evacuation necessary as a precautionary measure.


The Municipality of Wawa will receive approximately 180 evacuees from Kashechewan First Nation and will provide them with a safe and secure temporary home until such time as the flood waters recedes. It is anticipated that total of 1000 residents of Kashechewan will be evacuated to various communities across Northern Ontario.


Mayor Ron Rody stated that “Wawa is pleased to welcome our visitors from Kashechewan that will be arriving in Wawa later today and into tomorrow. We are prepared to ensure that they have a safe, secure location where they will feel comfortable until they can return home.”


The response of the community of Wawa, municipal staff and volunteers has been tremendous. Mayor Rody went on to say; “Wawa is very proud of the efforts of our municipal staff, volunteers and other organizations as we again come together to assist those in need.”