Brenda Grundt/Wawa-news is threatened with legal action by Gerry Liddle

Apr 17, 2017 @ 15:00



I, Brenda Grundt, editor and publisher of refuse to remove any articles that have been written concerning the actions and behaviors of Gerald ‘Gerry’ Liddle and/or Councillor Tamara Liddle. I stand by my research and writing and refuse to be bullied by these individuals.

The tax-paying public in Wawa has the right to know the costs, where their tax dollars have gone and will go as a result of these two individuals actions against the Municipality and Municipal Staff.

The Municipality of Wawa has already been awarded costs in defense of a court action in which the Liddles didn’t even bother to attend. The claims by the Liddles were declared unfounded as a result by Judge Gareau.

I look forward to publishing the report that will be delivered to Wawa Municipal Council in the near future regarding these costs.

Brenda Grundt,



  1. Never heard of anyone being sued before by writing what went on at council. Are these not all true facts?

    – Everything that has been written has been substantiated by court documents and transcriptions from video and/or audio recordings. Brenda Grundt

  2. Good for you Brenda. If every reporter allowed people to bully them into retracting statements, everything would be done behind closed doors!!! The public has a right to know about public issues. Keep up the good work Brenda.

  3. Mr. Liddle needs to be careful.

    Of course, there is false, misleading, defamatory and libelous information in the articles. How could there not be? Brenda was quoting and reporting everything he and his wife were saying.

    If he takes the press to court, he will be putting himself on trial and the Judge may conclude that he is the one spreading libel!