Algoma District Mine Rescue Competition

May 8, 2024 – May 9, 2024 all-day
Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre

Over 20 mine rescue teams across Ontario are gearing up to compete at the official mine rescue competitions taking place May 8 to 10. These competitions will demonstrate the emergency response skills and knowledge of volunteers from mines across the province, who undergo rigorous training throughout the ye

Organized by Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR), the competitions create simulated underground emergencies where teams are evaluated on firefighting skills, first-aid response, use of emergency equipment, and decision-making ability under stress. This extends to a written theory exam and an assessment of technicians who service vital emergency response equipment.

Overall, competitions serve as intensive and educational learning opportunities for the teams, which ensures performance standards are maintained across the board.

“We’re always finding new ways to challenge the teams,” says Shawn Rideout, Chief Mine Rescue Officer at Workplace Safety North, “the scenarios go from extracting casualties trapped in collapses to descending a mine shaft with rope gear. These live-action experiences are the best way to put their knowledge to the test.”

The public and media are welcome to attend district competitions to give communities a chance to see highly trained volunteers in action.

The winner of this competition and from each district will compete in the 2024 Provincial Competition, June 4 to 7, at Fort Williams Gardens Arena in Thunder Bay.

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