The NDP’s dental care plan will be life-changing for seniors in the North

Nearly 2 million seniors can benefit from the NDP’s dental care plan. Canadian seniors won’t have to avoid going to the dentist because it is too expensive.

While Pierre Poilievre is campaigning on removing dental care, New Democrats are steadfast in their commitment to deliver results that will significantly improve the lives of Canadians.

“I’m proud that New Democrats have forced this Liberal government to include services that will lower the costs for Canadian health coverage,” said NDP MP Carol Hughes (Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing). “But Pierre Poilievre is telling Canadians he’ll take it away. He wants you to pay out of pocket even though Canadian taxpayers have paid for his coverage throughout his career.”

Over one-third of Canadians have no dental insurance, and nearly 7 million avoid the dentist yearly because of the high costs. That’s why the NDP has been fighting to provide dental care for everyone who needs it. More Canadians will be covered in the coming weeks as the rollout continues.

“No one should have to neglect their teeth because they are worried about the costs, but that’s exactly what will happen if Poilievre cuts these important programs,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay). “But New Democrats are prepared to fight him at every turn to protect Canadian’s right to fair and equal dental coverage. We will continue to make this government work for all Canadians, not just the wealthy.”

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