OPP – Drivers continue to chose fines over buckling up

It was a busy Easter long weekend for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) as they conducted a province-wide seatbelt campaign and worked hard to keep people safe on roads.

Over the four-day campaign, the OPP laid close to 1,200 seatbelt charges against drivers and passengers who chose to receive fines (and demerit points for drivers), rather than take a few seconds to buckle up and keep themselves safe.

Speeding posed a significant threat to the motoring public throughout the weekend, with more than 6,400 fines for speeding and over 150 fines for racing/stunt driving issued.  Approximately 140 impaired driving charges and more than 130 distracted driving charges were among other offences for which drivers were held accountable.

The Easter Long Weekend Seatbelt Campaign ran from March 29 to April 1, 2024.

The OPP thanks all motorists and other road users who contributed to safe highways and roads over the weekend. The OPP remains committed to saving lives on more than 130,000 kilometres of roadway and over 99,000 kilometres of water­ways and trails throughout Ontario.