Confederation College Responds to Ontario Government’s Funding Announcement

Confederation College President Kathleen Lynch welcomed the provincial government’s initial funding announcement for post-secondary institutions as a significant step that underscores the importance of investing in the education of Ontario’s students.

“We are pleased to see the Ontario government making this initial investment in our students, which will help address some of the pressures we will face over the next few years,” said Lynch. “And we are pleased the government knows the importance of investing in our college as a key contributor to preparing the workforce needed in the northwest.  This region’s future success hinges on Confederation being able to deliver high-quality programs that meet the evolving needs of our growing economy and workforce.”

The funding comes at a critical time when post-secondary institutions like Confederation College are facing the challenge of maintaining quality programming amidst a changing demographic landscape, increased demand for skilled workers in various sectors, a current tuition freeze that has been extended for three years and the cap on international student enrolment for the next two years.

Lynch added, “We recognize the need for a more comprehensive action plan from the government, to secure the future of our region, and ensure that local employers have access to a well-qualified workforce.”

With the increase in international students, the College has taken proactive steps to manage their impact on local housing markets. With recent enhancements to the college residences, including the addition of two fully furnished apartment-style residences, and reconfiguring some of the larger units, Confederation has increased its capacity to house nearly 350 students on campus, while reducing the monthly rates. Currently, 24 beds in residence are still available.  There is an opportunity to further expand on campus housing if there is a demand by students. This expansion relieves local housing pressures but also enriches the student community on campus, encouraging all students to consider staying on campus at least for their first semester.

“International students are a vital part of our college community, contributing not just to the cultural fabric of our institution but also to the local economy,” Lynch remarked. “Their presence injected an estimated $14.6 million into the local economy last fiscal year alone. The college has maintained student enrolment numbers by increasing the number of international students to combat the decline in domestic student enrolment so we can offer the breadth of quality programming needed by employers to both domestic and international students.”

Confederation College is committed to working with the province to deliver affordable, high-quality education programs to students across Northwestern Ontario.

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