Wawa Triples Curling Funspiel

The 2nd Annual Triples Curling Funspiel was held over the weekend.  The rules are quite similar to “Regular” curling but is played with (3) players.  The game is six (6) ends and each player throws two (2) rocks.

There is only one (1) person allowed to sweep the rock until the far “hog-line”, then either the thrower or the skip can assist with the sweeping. The game is fast paced and is completed in just over one (1) hour.


There were (12) teams registered in the Funspiel with the First Draws starting at 9:30 and 11:00 AM on Saturday February 24th.  This year a Round Robin format was used so all teams played (2) games before supper and (1) after supper.


It was great to see so many players participating in the event who do not play in the Registered Leagues. Supper was catered by Pat Harron and her crew.  As usual, a fantastic meal.  The final games began at 6:00 pm, and the Triples Funspiel ended around 9:00 pm.


First Overall




Third Overall Door Prize


Word Puzzle Masters
Tom Terris

Melissa Terris

Spencer Terris

Joe McCoy

Tom Fahrer

Tyler Fahrer

Silvana Dereski

Daryl Dereski

Anna Lisa Klockars

Joe Opato

Jim Hoffmann

Andy Stevens

Katherine Boyd Matthew Morrison

Julie Villenueve


The Triples Curling was a great success.  Special thank you to ALL of the participants who came out and made the day so much fun.   There was a three-way tie for 2nd and 3rd place positions. Two series of” Draw-to-the Button” sessions decided the final rankings. In each game teams got (3) points for a Win, (2) for a Tie and (1) for Participating plus (1) point for each end won.  Best score in a game was (9) points. Total for each of the three games decided ranking of the teams. To finish off the evening there were (4) Random Draws.


Thanks go out to refreshment servers who seem to remember everyone’s choice.  Thank you to the MMCC staff for setting up the ice for the Funspiel, and of course Pat Harron and crew for supper. Jim Hoffmann and Andy Stevens organized the event. A Word Puzzle” was added to the venue and teams had fun (and at times were frustrated) working out the word phrases.

Curling is a sport that can be enjoyed by most people.  Several of our members use a “push-stick” because as the saying goes – “I can get down BUT”.  The Community Centre sponsors open curling on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and on Friday evenings 7-10 pm.  There is a slight fee for these programs.

As well there are three (3) organized evening curling leagues – contact the Community Centre for additional information.

Still to come in the Wawa Curling Program:

Ladies Bonspiel: March 22nd – 24th.  Contact Danette Mathias

Men’s Bonspiel: April 5th – 7th. Contact Andy Stevens or Jim Hoffmann.

Thanks to everyone for a fun Saturday at the Curling Club.



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