“I will keep fighting for access to healthcare in the North.” says MPP Michael Mantha

Today MPP Mantha’s Bill 13, the Northern Health Travel Grant Advisory Committee Act, was defeated by a vote of 32 to 73 at second reading.

“I want to thank my colleagues who supported this bill to help Northerners seeking access to medical treatment. Sadly, the Progressive Conservatives caucus used their majority in the legislature to see it fail.” Mantha said.

The bill would have struck a committee of healthcare providers and patients from Northern Ontario to make recommendations to improve the Northern Health Travel Grant (NHTG).

“I am disappointed in the Progressive Conservative caucus for voting against this measure to improve the lives of Northern Ontarians.” Mantha said. “It is especially disheartening to see that some Northern MPPs voted against this bill, when their constituents rely on this grant.”

The Auditor General’s Annual Report for 2023 identified the NHTG as an area where the government needs to improve to ensure residents of Northern Ontario are getting timely and adequate access to healthcare.

“We know that the NHTG is necessary, but that it’s not working as well as it could.” Mantha said. “I will keep fighting for access to healthcare in the North. Whether it is the NHTG, our public hospitals or homecare, Northerners deserve the same services and care as everyone else in our province.”

Michael Mantha