MHS Says Thank You!

Michipicoten High School says, “THANK-YOU!”


The students and staff at MHS have been a busy bunch. As the holiday season approaches, we are taking time to reflect on the events and activities that have taken place at MHS over the past few months.

We started the year off strong with an exceptional Showcase put on by Alamos Island Gold. Austin Hemphill and his team of employees transformed MHS into a mine worksite. The students geared up in their personal protective equipment, tagged in, and visited a number of “mine departments” throughout the day. In addition to the wealth of knowledge Alamos shared with our staff and students, they also left behind some incredible and very generous swag. The mining industry is likely one that many of our students will seek out, in their post-secondary journeys. The learning experience Alamos provided us was invaluable and we are so grateful they chose to visit us at MHS.

The Grade 10 Civics class would like to thank Jessie Labonte, Wawa Municipality’s Economic Development Assistant, for helping them engage in civic action. Jessie met with the class, explained what a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is and the benefits of completing one, and then took the class on a walk downtown to point out specific features in our community. Students were then given the opportunity to complete a survey to provide input to the plan. What a great authentic learning experience; thanks Jessie!

October was jam packed. We brought in non-perishable food items for We Scare Hunger and then ended the month with Halloween activities and a school-wide Minute-to-Win-it assembly. In between all the themed festivities was sports! The Fall sports included cross-country running, boy’s volleyball, and girl’s basketball. We are so proud of all the students who come out, try hard, participate, and make school sports happen. To make school sports possible, we not only need students but coaches. MHS students and staff want to thank all the coaches who make sporting experiences possible, especially our outside volunteers. Thank you to Anya Switzer, Christian “Shaker” Lapointe, Petar & Jamie Kusic, and Dr. Oberai for all your help! While we’re on the topic of physical activity, the Grade 9 Healthy Active Living Class would like to send a special thanks to Josee at The Red Apple for her kind donation of personal hygiene products as well as Teri-Lynne Burgoyne for her presentation around body changes and personal care.

The MHS Spirit Council decided that November was the perfect month to give back. In support of Movember, we thought it would be a great idea to sell mustache cookies with all proceeds going to Iris’ Place.

Judy Page, the kind and creative person she is helped us to make this come to fruition. Spirit Council members sold a total of 200 beautifully decorated and packaged cookies and were able to make a $200 donation to Iris’. Thank you to Judy Page, MHS Spirit Council, and cookie buyers who helped to make this possible!

November also included a lunch with special guest Christina Bekintis. Christina visited the MHS Cultural Room where she taught the students and staff about traditional medicines. Christina is an incredibly kind and talented individual who is a member of Michipicoten First Nation. We are so fortunate she is willing to share her teachings with us.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to say thank you to Ms. April Michel for offering Crochet Club. This has been a great opportunity for students and staff to gather after school and learn the art of crocheting. In addition, thank you to anyone who donated supplies to help make this club possible.

They say it takes a village to raise, teach, and guide a child. We would like to say that we are so happy and thankful that you are all a part of our village. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday!

~ MHS Students & Staff

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