Curling Training 2023

Youth Curling 2023


This past weekend the Curling Club was busy.  Rob MacLeod and Yvan Besner, Curling Instructors from Sault Ste. Marie were in Wawa to show local “curlers” the various skills and strategies found in curling.  Everyone got the chance to participate in an informal practice game at the end of the sessions. BIG THANKS to Rob and Yvan.

On Friday there were 12 students participating from the local schools in grades from 5 to 8 and they eagerly gathered at the Curling Club.  There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm from this group.  Pizza was enjoyed at the break.

Students learned the principles of curling, ice safety (who wants to fall), proper delivery techniques, and of course how to sweep – GO HARDER.  Importantly, curling is a team sport, everyone has a role and good communication is important if you want to be successful.

Let’s hope these students continue to participate in a curling program.

Thank you to the schools for organizing the students, the club members who assisted with the on-ice program, and to the other volunteers who made the weekend such a success.


Adult Curling 2023

Saturday morning was basically a repeat of the program delivered Friday but more intense.  There were 25 participants for the Saturday Training. Participants were a mix of experienced curlers looking to fine-tune their skills, individuals new to the game who wanted to work on delivery and sweeping, and several individuals who had not curled prior to this season.

Curling can be enjoyed by all ages and is good exercise (non-curlers don’t appreciate the effort in sweeping).

The event was organized and paid for by the Wawa Curling Leagues, and the staff at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre were great hosts.

Also, thank you to all the attendees from the youths to the seniors for participating.  Both groups showed great improvement and their enthusiasm was great.

If you are interested in more information about the local curling Leagues, please contact the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre who can direct you to the Curling contact person(s).

Note: There is a large resurgence in local curling with all Leagues seeing increased membership.

The Community Centre offers Open Curling on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and on Friday evenings there is Open Curling starting at 7:00 pm.

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