MPP Mantha calls on government to stop deflecting and address out of control energy costs in Northern Ontario

During Question Period MPP Michael Mantha (Algoma-Manitoulin) called on the Minister of Energy to act on the high cost of hydro in Northern Ontario. After the Conservative caucus spent last week debating a powerless motion on the carbon tax, Mantha called on the minister to act on issues within his jurisdiction.

“High energy costs are a burden on individuals and businesses in Northern Ontario,” said Mantha. “Right now, hydro bills are skyrocketing in rural and Northern communities across our province.”

Mantha spoke about Taylor’s Sawmill on Manitoulin Island who have been consistently billed twice as much for their delivery charges as they have for hydro usage.

“Taylor’s had 25 employees but has been reduced to 12 because of the unsustainable cost of doing business in Northern Ontario under this government.” Mantha said. “The government made a promise that costs would come down under their watch, so why is hydro more expensive today than when the Progressive Conservatives took office?”

“Instead of sending letters on the carbon tax to another level of government, this is something that they can actually address for people in Ontario today.”

Michael Mantha