Schedule – 6th Lori Johnson Memorial Hockey Tournament

Friday Nov 17, 2023          
1 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Beer 6:00 PM Naughty Scotty’s VS Backwood Beauties
2 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 7:00 PM The Regretzkies VS Chi – Amiks
3 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 8:00 PM Superior Puckers VS Snoop Doggs
4 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 9:00 PM Moose on the Loose VS Excuses
5 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Beer 10:00 PM Backwood Beauties* VS Zero Pucks
6 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 11:00 PM Danger Rangerzz VS The Regretzkies*
    *team points not counted        
Saturday Nov 18, 2023          
7 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 9:00 AM Superior Puckers VS Excuses
8 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 10:00 AM Chi-Amiks VS Snoop Doggs
9 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Beer 11:00 AM Naughty Scotty’s VS Zero Pucks
10 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 12:00 PM Moose on the Loose VS Danger Rangerzz
11 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 1:00 PM The Regretzkies VS Excuses
12 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Beer 2:00 PM Backwood Beauties VS Naughty Scotty’s
  BREAK   3:00 PM      
13 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 4:00 PM Moose on the Loose VS Snoop Doggs
14 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 5:00 PM Danger Rangerzz VS Chi-Amiks
15 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Beer 6:00 PM Zero Pucks VS Backwood Beauties
16 ROUND ROBIN Women’s Rec 7:00 PM Superior Puckers VS The Regretzkies
Sunday Nov 19, 2023          
17 Semi Finals Women’s Rec 9:00 AM 1st VS 4th
18 Semi Finals Women’s Rec 10:00 AM 2nd VS 3rd
  Break   11:00 AM      
19 Finals Women’s Beer 12:00 PM 1st VS 2nd
20 Finals Women’s Rec 1:00 PM Winner Game # 17 VS Winner Game # 18

Schedule Key:

  • Moose on the Loose (Wawa),
  • Excuses (Chapleau),
  • Superior Puckers Tackle the North (SSM),
  • Chi-Amiks (Garden River),
  • The Regretzskies (Wawa),
  • Snoop Doggs (SSM),
  • Power Danger Ninja Rangerzz (SSM),
  • Naughty Scotty’s (Wawa),
  • Backwood Beauties (SSM),
  • Zero Pucks (SSM)

Don’t forget:

MMCC Friday night Beer Gardens 7 pm – 11 pm

Saturday night PLAID PARTY 9 pm – 1 am

The Canteen will be open throughout the weekend



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