Northeast & Northwest Ontario under Restricted Fire Zone (00:01 June 1, 2023)


Effective as of 0:01 June 1, 2023

A Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) is an order made by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, under the Forest Fires Prevention Act restricting the use of open fires in a specific area of the province. It is a temporary measure put in place to prevent human-caused fires when the fire hazard is extreme or when firefighting resources are limited.


By law, you cannot have an outdoor fire in a RFZ, except in accordance with a permit or unless specific conditions have been met under the Forest Fires Prevention Act and Outdoor Fires Regulation 207/96. This includes all burning, including grass, debris and campfires, even when using an outdoor fire grate, fireplace, or fire pit. Please contact your local Fire Management Headquarters for more information.

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